Wednesday, March 7


One of the best things about the trip was that within the group of 40, I didn't know many well.
It was like a total change of scenery from the usual people I see and hang out with, besides the Irish girls, Susie, Laura and Kate of course. It couldn't have been a better time to meet new people and completely escape Strasbourg in a totally different setting.













This guy Martino, we only met on the last night. Originally the plan was to have a meal together and a last final soirée. But during the week the organisers got to know the patron from VI AI PI, and organised something special for us. The entire evening would have cost 70euro on top of our pre-paid trip, but the organisers got the university to pay 60euro per person, meaning we only had to contribute a tenner for this evening!
We began at 4.00 in the evening after a day of skiing. Where we met Martino, our charismatic leader and donned our raquettes. These are basically tennis rackets that fit to your shoes to make walking in the snow possible.
We took a chair lift up some of the mountain and began our walk with the raquettes. We then stopped for caramelised peanuts and a special type of vin chaud that Martino had prepared earlier. We sat in the snow as he told us how it was made and various stories about the mountains.
We continued on our walk to end up in VI AI PI, where we sat outside and had drinks as the sun went down. After about an hour, we moved inside to a gorgeous room that was really like a log cabin.
We had a large starter of shrimp and veg in filo pastry with salad and bread rolls. Our main course was a tartiflette which is the typical mountain food again made with a special cheese called reblochon.
For dessert we had a rich chocolate and nut tart type thing. And of course lots of wine.
Two snow-mobiles collected us in groups of 8 and brought us down some of the mountain.
We put back on our raquettes and these thick black sacks with holes in them.
The idea was that we sledge on our stomachs, head first down the mountains...
As you can imagine, this was slightly painful, a little bit risky, but great fun!
When we reached the bottom of the mountain there were mini-buses to bring us back to our resort as we had ended up in a small village on another side of the mountain.
It was an incredible way to end a brilliant holiday.

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