Tuesday, September 11

La Liste de Souhaits.

Today Maxime my roommate and I are off after an extremely tiring and tough week at work.
The summer season has officially ended, and all of the summer staff have left, leaving Walt's feeling a little empty and quiet.
The atmosphere has changed quite a bit and people seem to be more cranky than usual..
Thus leading to a week where the hours just seemed to drag by, whereas before most of the time they flew.

We headed off to Val d'Europe this afternoon to pick up some food and ended up in FNAC, which is France's chain store of books and all things techno. It's pretty brilliant, and we spent a good hour and a half in there.
I was checking out the macbooks, and I had previously decided in my head that I was going to break the bank and go for the brand new Macbook pro with retina display, because I have heard such great things about it. It's over my budget though at a massive 2399 euro.
Bare in mind that I have been working full-time all summer in order to buy one of these guys.

I checked out the over macbooks and was surprised to see that the macbook pro 13inch actually feels like a perfectly fine screen size. I thought that it would be too small, but it seems fine and obviously is lighter than it's big sister the 15 inch.
Another plus is that it's priced at almost 600 euro less than the 15 inch at only 1300 euro.
I'm going to double check the specifications, but I think this might be the one I'll go for in the end.

 Macbook pro 15 inch Retina Display

Macbook pro 13 inch

I also had a cheeky look at the imac desktops which are surprizingly reasonably priced, and the screens are enormous. But buying a computer is probably not that practical if I'm not too sure what the future holds after this year.

I also had a look at the DSLR cameras, and have my eye on a Canon 60d. A mid-range DSLR, which would yes, mean changing from a Nikon to a Canon! In the camera world this is pretty much like switching premiership teams in football...
I do love Nikon, great cameras, great company, but I would like to check out a Canon for a couple of years..

Finally after about an hour of deliberating, and me encouraging... Maxime decided to, rather impulsively, purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Tablette 2 for himself.
He's not an apple fan, so went for the new Samsung, which looks pretty slick, and has a very chic and minimalistic interface.

I wouldn't mind one of these myself.

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