Wednesday, September 12


I managed to take a few pictures before the summer crowd left from Walt's.
A lot of people get summer contracts when the high season for Disney calls for the need. Most are students, and we were lucky to have a great bunch this summer at Walt's.

Everybody was a little mad though. But you probably turn a little crazy when you're constantly running around with orders in your head, speaking numerous different languages and shouting into the kitchen every few moments.

A great summer job, where I have learnt so so so much that I don't even know where to start.
Working for such a massive international company like Disney was interesting for one, and then to be back in the waitressing role, but this time for a real fine-dining experience has taught me a lot. 

Not to mention all the French and Spanish that I've been speaking..
And all the different characters and customers and situations that I've had to deal with.

I would definitely reccommend Disney, as a perfect place for a summer job for all students.
Never a dull moment, an experience for life and a great social scene to top it all off!

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