Monday, September 10

La Retour.

I know that I haven't been posting much this summer, so there is quite an accumulation of clothing items that I've bought throughout the pasts three months.
The sales were on for the first month, so I bought rather a lot at the beginning of this summer and told myself that I wouldn't shop much after that.
Fortunately I actually managed to stick to that promise, only picking up a few bits and pieces here and there.
I'll start off with my recent purchase of boots from H&M. I'm so delighted with them. They will be perfect for wearing to college or for when I work up at the racecourse.
A nice little bit of height, but also comfortable and easy to walk-in. Not to mention, very easy to pair with jeans or a mullet, up/down skirt.

Boots, H&M, 30euro.

Next up is the bowler hat that I just bought on request for Sarah this morning.
I couldn't get through to her on the phone as H&M had two different types but I think I bought the right one.
I will definitely be borrowing this... and plan to wear it sitting on the back of my head with hair straight down, centre-parting.

Next up has got to be one of the best things I bought! This aztec print skirt from the zara sale has probably been the most worn item in my wardrobe this summer.
It is longer at the back and about knee length at the front. It's super light and airy and is perfect for walking to work in with just a black tank top or string top tucked inside and a skinny brown belt around the hips.
Love this.

Skirt, Zara, Was 25euro, down to 7euro!

The final few things for this post have got to be my levi shorts.
Before I left I bought myself a pair of levi trashed denim shorts in Urban Outfitters.
They're easy to wear with tights or bare legs, and go with most tee-shirts so I thought it was a good buy.
I then had my eye on a pair of the black ones, but fortunately I didn't buy them because here in Paris, I've found a second-hand vintage store that does them for 5euro!
Imagine! Compared to the 42euro I spent in UO.
So I bought myself 3 pairs, although to find ones that fit you right you do have to be patient and go through a long process of trying on tons of pairs.
I'm delighted with them now though. I bought another light-wash jean, a dark jean colour, and a faded black pair.

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