Thursday, September 13

Paris, je t'aime.

This summer has been great for getting to know Paris a little better. I say a little better because, as I have learnt this summer, there is a whole lot going on over there.
At weekends or days off, Laura and I would go into Paris, or I'd be there with Katie and Victor, and every single time we would venture to a new area we never knew existed. It's gorgeous Paris. But I've learnt that the best spots are those hidden from the tourist eye.
Where the real Parisiennes venture is where one will find the greatest spots that Paris has to offer.

Today, as it is my last day off work before coming home, I went in by myself to have a wander around and pick up some last bits and bobs.
Even the 40 minute train ride is incredibly enjoyable when I have my kindle handy with a good book loaded, and half a baguette from Paul's Boulangerie, that I filled with pesto and brie.
It was raining today, but I actually liked that as I was just wandering in and out of shops and had worn a hoody.

A perfect way to spend a perfect day before heading back into the Disney bubble for another week.
Here are some pictures from a couple of trips into Paris over the past summer.

Laura, Metro Chatelet les Halles

Kevin and Laura

Episode, Friperie

Enjoying a picnic one evening with Jenny.


Le Pont de Arts

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