Sunday, June 24


I'm moving back to France on Monday until September, where I'll be spending some time in Marne la Vallée beside Paris ---Disneyland---
For some unknown reason I actually am really quite nervous! Besides knowing that I will be working as a waitress, and living with other cast members near the parks, I pretty much know nothing else. I'll find out on Monday whether I'm working in the parks, or the hotels, or the Disney Village or even the Golf resort.
I have to move into a room with another girl for the summer in an apartment or studio, and although I know that it'll probably be great fun, I just can't help being a bit anxious to get sorted and all organised. I don't really like not knowing whats going to be happening yet, but what can you do.
It's Disneyland afterall, can't be that bad!
  •                                                à couper le souffle - breathtaking
  •                                             un serveur, une serveuse – waiter, waitress

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