Thursday, June 7

Le Ciné.

My converse finally arrived from where I got a handy 15% off thanks to Allan.
Was between maroon and grey... but chose these in the end.

Today, was probably the worst day weather-wise in a longggg time. 
Fortunately Katie came over and my babysitting was cancelled so we decided to head out and avail of some of her O2 treats.

First stop - Milano's...
So delicious, and super fast service. We both got those pizzas with the hole in the middle that is filled with a rocket salad. Absolutely yum.

We then headed over to Penney's for a wander and bought some items to be shown in another post.
And thennn, as the rain and cold persisted, we headed into the IMC to watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

It was incredible.
No joke, probably the best movie in a long while. Unbelievable.
Two hot guys, great acting from Charlize Theron, so many jump out of your seat moments, and the right amount of violence/war-scenes and mysticalness.
A definite MUST-SEE.

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