Monday, June 4

Le Fric.

I have been thinking about upgrading my laptop, which I spend so much time on.. for quite awhile now. Although it works perfectly, it's rather heavy to be carrying around. Especially into college next year. The battery life isn't so good anymore, and to be honest... I just want a Macbook.

Only thing is.. that the macbook pro 15 inch, which is the one I would need due to SD card holders, USBs, and screen-size for watching Game of Thrones, is....uh... frighteningly expensive.
Starting from 1500euro on the Irish site.

Maybe after my summer job in Disney, I'll have the cash, but I would also rather like to upgrade to an iphone on contract for next year, and trading in my d3100 for a Nikon d90, wouldn't be so bad either! Canon 5d if I win the lotto.
On top of that, a social life this summer and in fourth year need to be funded too.

Decisions, decisions.

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