Friday, June 15


So a small bit more about the lovely trip down to Schull included a road trip from Cork to Schull with Jess and her hilarious brother Liam, in Jess's gorgeous new mini cooper!!!
Bombing around blaring music never really gets old..
and then we had a yum dinner at home in the house, where Jess's gang of friends came around, and after dinner we went up on top of St. Gabriel I think it was called? A nearby mountain for some beautiful views.

Next day was action packed too, as we took a boat out to Whiddy island and had lunch on the one lonely pub there.
Later on that night we had a bbq in Rian's house to top off a great trip.

Unfortunately I had to leave the next morning to be able to work today, whereas the others all headed down to Dingle for the night! Would have been so much fun, but such is life. I don't mind earning that bit of moolah at the races.

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