Tuesday, June 5

Effectuer un achat.

Delighted with my purchases today.
I knocked two things off my to-buy list while in town today.
Laura and I started with Urban Outfitters hoping for some sale items, which we weren't lucky with, but I did manage to find my perfect pair of vintage Levi shorts!

Not only that but after a good look around in Forever 21, New Look, and Penney's, I also came across two pairs of cross earrings.

Lastly, I found a jewellery storage solution, and another pair of horn earrings in Penney's.
I've filled the pink storage in temporarily, happy to find pockets big enough to fit sunglasses in.
With pockets on either side, it will hang nicely in my wardrobe, making all my rings, bracelets etc.. easy to find.


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